The Schuylkill Mile Time Trial running race & fun run!


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NOTE: Please don't post these without permission.

  NOTE: The Start Timer and Finish Timer must each have a cell phone. Some photographers and Marshals would benefit from them, but it isn't necessary.

1. Starter - Calls next bib# from Bib Start-Order Form, ensures correct bib# lines up, holds racer in place behind line until starter's watch indicates :10 seconds, starts racer
2. Start Timer - Logs exact start time on Registration Form or Timing Form, conveys exact start time to Finish Timer by cell phone
3+. (Additional registration help from marshals/photographers)

1. Finisher - Notifies End Timer of impending finisher bib(s), punches exact finish time on timing machine, conveys exact finish time to Finish Timer
2. Finish Timer A - Receives exact start time from Start Timer by cell phone & logs it on Timing Form & Laptop (when available)
3. Finish Timer B - Receives exact finish time from Finisher, logs exact finish time on Timing Form & Laptop

1. Start area, 100-200 meters out from start line
2. Middle area, near Race Street (double as Marshal)
3. Finish area, between finish line and Walnut Street Bridge (can double as Marshal if near Locust Street crossing or Walnut Street Bridge)

1. Race Street (can double as Photographer)
2. Divergence ramp leading down near 3/4 mile
3. Convergence ramp leading up by Chestnut Street Bridge north side
4. Chestnut Street Bridge south side after convergence ramp- south side of bridge
5. Walnut Street Bridge & Schuylkill Banks hut

Locations for the volunteers are listed in the Photos, Maps, Directions page. Please note that this is tentative.



Schedule Of Tasks

* Confirm two 5-gallon jugs for water
* Confirm timing machine
* Reserve 20-35 cones
* Confirm entry to Schuylkill Banks center for table & chairs
* Confirm laptop computer
* Confirm video cameras (digital?) with tripod
* Have long outdoor electrical extension cord
* Activate online pre-registration with PayPal

* Confirm Special Guest
* Have extra bags for trash & backup gear check
* Have safety Pins
* Have Sharpie-type thick permanent markers
* Have 300 five to eight ounce cups
* Have $5 & $10 bills for change
* Have 7 Clipboards or pocket binders
* Confirm digital watches or stopwatches for race officials
* Have posts/poles/signs to mark cones
* Have ribbon for cones
* Have duct tape for cones
* Have chalk to mark the course
* Have rubber bands and twist ties for certificates
* Have box of prizes
* Collect all volunteers names & cell phone numbers for distribution
* Set all volunteer assignments

* Print out all forms & copies
* Print & copy certificates + semi-fill them out
* Mark race bibs
* Chalk-mark the course every 1/4 mile, 100 meters to go, photographer locations, marshal locations, cone locations
* Staff pre-registration
* Test the timing software
* Charge phone and camera

* Synchronize timing watches
* Fill both 5-gallon jugs with water (1 to start, 1 to finish)
* Set out cones on the course including 1/4 mile markings with signs
* BRING TO START: race bibs, safety pins, 1 5-gallon jug of water, 150 cups, forms (except certificates), extra bags for trash & backup gear check, labels for backup gear check, $5 & $10 bills for change, 10 pens, 5 clipboards or pocket binders, (music)
* BRING TO FINISH: set up videocamera(s) & laptop computer with extension cord, 1 5-gallon jug of water, 150 cups, prizes, semi-filled certificates & rubber bands/twist ties, forms, timing machine, extra bags for trash & backup gear check, labels for backup gear check, 3 pens, 2 clipboards or pocket binders, (music), (binoculars), table & chairs (borrow from Schuylkill Banks hut)
* BRING TO VARIOUS LOCATIONS: 35 cones, posts/poles/signs (with cones) to mark 1/4 & 1/2 & 3/4 spots, ribbon to attach to cones + to mark the course, duct tape for ribbon/tape to cones, extra chalk to mark the course

* Announce "Last Minutes" for registration
* Registrations filled out completely
* Money collected
* Bibs assigned & distributed
* Bib Start-Order Worksheet filled
* All finish line and midpoint volunteers (photographers & marshals) in place and checked in with finish line via cell phone

* Have registrations filled out completely
* Start order assigned on Bib Start-Order Form
* Duplicate Bib Start-Order Form completed and posted on bench/tree
* Start line conveys to finish line Bib Start-Order Form info & finish line transfers to Call-Out Form
* Have finish line check in with start line via cell phone when ready
* Finish line starts the videorecorder
* Short announcements before race

* Bring all start items to finish
* Continue videotaping
* Quick speech of thank you while results are tabulated
* Re-introduce special guest, announce next year's date, announce other mile races & other races on the trail
* Awards
* Download photos to laptop computer
* Clean up
* Program results/acknowledgement page, archives page, main page
* Assemble all photos and program photos page
* Email wrap-up to committee/volunteers
* Email all runners/committee/volunteers thank-you + notice that results/photos are up
* Write and distribute thank-you letter

Supplies Needed

# Cost Item Location Status Who
1 $33 100 Race bibs ( / Start Feb-Mar Kevin
2 <$4           Safety Pins - 4 per racer (= 400) Start March Kevin, Seth, Mike
3 <$3           2-3 Sharpie-type thick permanent markers for bibs Start Done 1/2010 Kevin
4  -           Walking carts to transport supplies Start April  
5   Two 5-gallon jugs for water 1 Start & 1 Finish March Kevin, Joe/Josh/Erin, Seth
6  $6           300 five to eight ounce cups 150 Start & 150 Finish Done 3/2010 Kevin
7  <$1 Paper towels or napkins Start & Finish March Kevin
8  - Extra bags for trash & backup gear check Start & Finish March Kevin
9  -           Labels for backup gear check bags Start & Finish March Kevin
10  - $5 & $10 bills for change Start March Kevin
11 $4           20 Registration forms, 2 course photos sheets, 2 Prediction charts, Bib start order worksheet, 2 Bib start-order forms, Timing form, Scoring/Awards form Start March Kevin
12  -           13 Pens 10 Start & 3 Finish Done 1/2010 Kevin
13             7 Clipboards or pocket binders to fill out forms 5 Start & 2 Finish Mar-Apr Kevin
14  - Cameras for each photographer Start & Finish & Intermediate   Dinko
15  -           Digital watches or stopwatches Start & Finish - to synchronize   (each)
16  -           Cell phones Start & Finish & Intermediate   (each)
17  -           (Whistles for volunteers) Start & Finish & Intermediate March  
18             (Music) Start & Finish & Intermediate March  
19   20-35 Cones to mark the course & ensure racers don't run on dirt Start & Finish & Intermediate March Joe/Josh/Erin, (Mike)
20 <$4           Posts/poles/signs/cardboard (at cones) to mark 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 spots Start & Finish & Intermediate March Kevin
21 $1           Ribbon to attach to cones & mark the course Start & Finish & Intermediate March Kevin
22 $1           2 Rolls duct tape for ribbon/tape to cones & to secure electrical cords Start & Finish & Intermediate Done 1/2010 Kevin
23  -           Scissors for tape Start Done 1/2010 Kevin
24 $1           Chalk to mark the ground Start & Finish & Intermediate Done 1/2011 Kevin
25  -           2 tape measures Start & Finish Done 3/2011 Kevin, Seth
26  - Timing machine Finish March Mike
27  -           Timing form Finish March Kevin
28  -           Laptop computer to calculate times & awards (and to test backup timing software) Finish Done 3/2011 Kevin
29  -           Stationary video-camera (digital if possible) with internal stopwatch/clock with tripod Finish March  
30  -           Long outdoor electrical extension cord Finish March Seth, Mike
31  -           Table & chairs Finish March Joe/Josh/Erin, (Seth)
32  $1           (100 rubber bands & twist ties to roll certificates) Finish    
33   Raffle numbers for remaining awards Finish    
34 $?? Box o' prizes Finish Feb-Mar Kevin
35   Special guest   Feb-Mar Kevin

Pre-Race Tasks:

# Task Status Who
1 Conduct test run Done - 10/2007 Kevin, Seth, Meg, Steve H & Naomi, Elizabeth St, Ben, Laura R, Gary, Wendy
2 Design race bib Done - 10/2007 Kevin
3 Decide on the date + potential extreme weather date (original done 1/2008) Done - 1/2009 Kevin
4 Get special guest (2008 with Stephanie done 1/2008) March Kevin
5 Get insurance as needed Done - 1/2008 Joe
6 Get permit if needed Done - 1/2008 Joe
7 Acquire race email Done - 1/2008 Kevin
8 Update & transfer website (original done 3/2008) Done - 1/2011 Kevin
9 Check altitude at start (highest point), finish, divergence (lowest point) Done - 2/2008 Kevin + Geoff; Joe
10 Complete & Distribute flyer ($)* Feb - March Kevin
11 OPTIONAL - Record movie of the course (from bike) March  
12 Accurately wheel measure course: start, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, end (original done 3/2008) + Re-measure Done - 3/2011 Kevin
13 Complete waiver Done - 3/2008 Kevin + Seth
14 Finish forms: Registration, Timing, Start-order, Start-order worksheet, Call-out Done - 3/2008 Kevin
15 Get sponsors for in-kind donations Feb-March ALL
16 PECO Crown Lights program Feb Kevin
17 OPTIONAL - Publicize to local politicians & press March  

* 10. Complete & Distribute Flyer: Limited Publicity to Stores (Rittenhouse Sports Specialties, Philadelphia Runner - Center City & University City, City Sports, Fleet Feet - North Wales, Bryn Mawr Running Club - Manayunk, Fairmount Running Company), Clubs (Philly Runners, Northeast Road Runners Club, Fairmount Running Club, Frontrunners, Bryn Mawr Running Club, Philly Track Club, Wissahickon Wanderers, Polish Runners Club, Back On My Feet, Students Run Philly Style), Others (Schuylkill River Park Alliance, Schuylkill River Development Corporation - Schuylkill Banks, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, Lloyd Hall, Schuylkill River Park Trail bulletin boards, Liberty Sports Magazine calendar, Runners' Advocate calendar)

Contact Kevin: