The 6th annual Schuylkill Mile Time Trial running race & fun run!


Thank you for six great years of the
Schuylkill Mile Time Trial running race & fun run!


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Join us for the sixth annual Schuylkill Mile Time Trial running race & fun run! What's a time trial race? Instead of starting everyone out at once, only one person starts. Exactly 10 seconds later, the next runner starts, and every 10 seconds, we send out the next. It’s very exciting to run and watch! This is an accurately timed, accurately wheel measured race, for only $10 for adults and $5 kids age 10-17 (cash or PayPal only), with a special guest! Runners of ALL skill levels are invited.

We start on the new Schuylkill River Park Trail (Schuylkill Banks) at the King Drive entrance just below the Philadelphia Museum of Art (where the bike path breaks off from King Drive), runs south along the beautiful Schuylkill River, and ends by the Locust Street crossing.

Cycling time trials have existed for years on King Dr. We've now done it successfully for running on the Schuylkill River Park Trail (Schuylkill Banks). Start is 9:00 am on Sunday, April 7, 2013. Arrive at the start between 7:30 & 8:30am to register.

The fast course has a net downhill of 22 feet. We're even trying to arrange a tailwind! The course is marked every 1/4 mile. Bring your watch, as we won't have timing clocks. No racing with headphones, strollers, or pets. We encourage you to run the course prior to the race.

We strongly encourage Pre-Registration, either in-person or online. In-person pre-registration is Saturday, April 6 (the day before the race), 12:30 - 1:30pm & 4 - 6pm at the Race Street crossing (near the middle of the course). We'll be at the closest bench with race bibs. Try to have exact $10 or $5.

* Online Pre-Registration is live! We accept only PayPal online (PayPal lets you use a credit card as a guest if you aren't a member). You aren't guaranteed a bib until you've paid, but we can take your info to speed things up. Otherwise, only cash is accepted at the race.

Net proceeds go to two groups focusing on the Schuylkill River Park Trail: Schuylkill River Park Alliance (Free Schuylkill River Park)( and Schuylkill River Development Corporation (Schuylkill Banks)(

Wear your favorite running shirt, since for $10/$5, we can’t give you any! We will have water at the start & finish and a gear check. Prizes? Come on now, this is a simple grass-roots event, but we will have some at the awards ceremony, soon after everyone finishes. We’ll take digital photos, and they will be yours, free! Be sure we have your neatly printed email address (no one receives your personal info, and we send only a few race-related emails in a year).

This is a 'run at your own risk' event and you must sign the waiver to participate. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must sign the waiver. You must be 10 or older to race. Race may be limited to 80 runners.

: Sunday, April 7, 2012, 9:00 am sharp (arrive 7:30-8:30 to register)
Where: Schuylkill River Park Trail / Schuylkill Banks (start: King Dr. entrance + end: Locust St. “donut”)
Bring: $10 cash + your race watch ($5 + your parent if you’re under 18)
More info:
Schuylkill Mile Time Trial
Not racing? Volunteers needed!

HISTORY of the Schuylkill Mile Time Trial

The Schuylkill River Park Trail "extension" (Schuylkill Banks) has existed for many years, but began the path to its present state when construction commenced in mid-2003, culminating in May 2005 when then-Mayor John Street had an official lighting ceremony to commemorate the newly installed lights and macadam surface. During most of the year, with mild weather, several thousand people use the trail every week. The first races were held on Sunday, October 1, 2006 by Free Schuylkill River Park (later becoming Schuylkill River Park Alliance) with Runnin' On The River, comprising both a 5K and 1 Mile. The following year, the 1 Mile was dropped due to the complexities of holding two races, but the 5K continues. Three weeks prior to that race, the inaugural Bike Philly finished on the trail, near the start of the Schuylkill Mile Time Trial, which was conceived in 2007.

Aside from being the founder & race director for the Schuylkill Mile Time Trial, Kevin Gruenfeld is the co-founder in 2002 (and its first president 2002-2006) of Philly Runners running club and co-founder of Runnin' On The River in 2006. He served on and helped coordinate Mayor Michael Nutter's Fairmount Park Safety meetings from its inception in 2003 to 2006 when the report was issued, and was the runners' representative for Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation's "Think Outdoors" campaign (which became "Boundless Philadelphia") for the five Pennsylvania counties in the greater Philadelphia region. He is also on the board of the Schuylkill River Park Alliance and helps coordinate Logan Square Town Watch.

QUESTIONS about the Schuylkill Mile Time Trial

1. (2/14/08) I was wondering if you have a plan on determining the order of who starts when in the 1 mile race.
[For 2008] The order of the start is fastest to slowest. This will make it slightly easier for the finish timers in that while the start has a new person every 10 seconds, the finish will be "fanned out" a bit, and thus will have a few extra seconds between logging the finish times for each racer. It might also help inspire the person to catch the person in front!
[For 2009 and on] Based on feedback, the order is REVERSED for 2009! It is now slowest to fastest!

2. (2/15/08) What if the runner has no idea how fast they can run a mile?
No problem. We will have people on hand to help figure out a realistic goal, and we will also have race prediction charts & tables.

3. (3/14/08) Is the trail going to be free of dog walkers,people pushing baby strollers & people on bikes? Will it be open for just the runners?
While we have a permit, the path is not closed. However, we will position marshals in key points on the course for safety. Further, the nature of our time trial means that, on average, there will be only one racer per 10 seconds, thus racers will be mostly single file, taking up the far right portion of the path, with wide gaps in between. We don't expect non-racers to interfere with the safety or execution of the race based on (1) Sundays being the less-trafficked weekend day, (2) 9:00am in early April not being a peak usage time, and (3) 2006-2007 data from a Trail Usage report.

4. (3/21/08) Who is the double Olympic bronze medalist?
[In 2008, it was] Edwin Roberts.  He won bronze in the 1964 Olympics, held in Tokyo, in the 200 meters and 4x400 meter relay.  He also competed in the 1968 (Mexico City) and 1972 (Munich) Olympics.
For 2009, Meg Waldron graciously accepted our request to be our Special Guest! Meg is a high school two-time track All American, the New Jersey Girl High School Athlete of the Year in 1983, and one of the Top 10 NJ Girl Athletes of the 20th Century. She is the youngest winner of the New York 5th Avenue Mile in 1982 (4:44) and in 1983 ran the fastest time in Penn Relays history for a high school girl 800 meter relay leg (a record which stood for 9 years). We are honored to welcome Meg as our 2009 Special Guest!
2010 brought us Heather McDanel, coordinator for Students Run Philly Style!
For 2012, we will let you know the identity of our Special Guest when it is confirmed.

5. (1/24/09) Can I do it even if a ten-minute mile is my goal?
Absolutely! You are most welcome. And, good luck achieving that goal!


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