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Kev's Guide to Finding ANYTHING on the Web

Some information taken from PC WORLD, CEO Express, Search Engine Watch
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I. Search Engine Listings & Guides
II. Search Engines
III. Meta-Search Engines
IV. Directories (General)
V. Geographical Region Searches/Directories (English Front-End only)
-----A. Various
-----B. Africa
-----C. Americas
-----D. Asia
-----E. Australia & New Zealand
-----F. Europe
-----G. Middle East
VI. Finding Phone, Zip Codes, Web Pages, Info, Profiles, etc. for Businesses/Individuals (U.S.)
VII. Newspapers/Magazines/Journals/General News
VIII. Usenet/Discussion Groups/Lists (see also I. Search Engines)
IX. Quotations & Lyrics
X. Specifically For Children and Their Teachers
XI. Small Business Resources
XII. Miscellaneous & Specifics

I. Search Engine Listings & Guides

If you are not sure where to start, these listings may help. They can show you what is available on a topic, and can help you decide which search engine(s) to use. They have an enormous wealth of useful information contained in them, but be careful not to lose yourself in them! If you know what you are looking for, try a Search Engine or Directory instead.
All-in-One Search PageMany listings for many areas, such as internet, people finder, software, reference
BeaucoupListing of many engines organized by category
CEO ExpressLinks to tons of information and directories
CUI W3 Search EnginesList of many different types of searching resources
DirectoryGuideSmaller (yet still big) list of resources by various categories including personal web sites
===Library SpotExcellent resource for libraries, reference, statistics, government, phone books, law, medical, music
SuperSeekLarge compilation of specialty directories + NewsGroup searches, newspapers, magazines, and more
Search Engine WatchExcellent listing of search engines & what they do & how they rate & which ones to use
FindspotSmall listing of various search utilities

II. Search Engines

Search engines scour the Internet, generally looking for keywords or a search string. You can often use Boolean operators, such as "and" & "or" to limit or include searches. For example, you can search for "'Beach' and 'New Jersey'" and it will return only sites that have BOTH terms in it. You can also search for "'Beach' or 'New Jersey'" and it will return any sites with EITHER term in it.
Alta VistaWeb pages & Usenet articles key word (specific) search; very good & fast & large; good for scientific info & proper names (capital letters)
Ask JeevesAllows you to ask a question in sentence form
Britannica Internet GuideCan search or use their directory
DisInformation"The subculture search engine" listing sites that might be missed by other search engines
Excite NetSearchGives few but the best hits with summaries
Google!Fairly new & very good
GoTo.comHas links to a few of their most popular searches
HotBotGood for key word searches & ranks results; can search by proper name (capital letters) or by usenet or yellow pages or white pages; advanced search has many options including specific language, date, location, domain, must/must not include
InfoseekGood for searching for common keywords that are vital to the search; allows natural language searches; can search by proper name (capital letters)
i wonSearch & enter to win $, also has directory
LycosOne of the oldest & best
MultiCrawlAlso lists some latest news
Search.comCan limit by topic
Snap.comInternet search
WebCrawlerPlus browse by topic

III. Meta-Search Engines

Meta-search engines submit your query to multiple search engines, rather than searching each one at a time. They often limit how many returns you can receive from each search engine, but the big advantage is that you are using many engines at once.
CUSICan choose which indexes you want to search
DebriefingFast & pretty accurate
DogpileCan also search Usenet and FTP
HuskySearchCan do fast, regular, and thorough searches
Inference FindCan specify how many seconds you want it to search
Internet SleuthCan also search usenet
MammaCan also do power search, search Usenet
MetaCrawlerCan search by specific geographic region; good for scientific research; can search newsgroups
MetafindCan specify # of seconds to search & can sort by keywords, alphabetically, domain, search engine
OneSeekSearch by Usenet & news & many recreational sites
ProFusionCan also search Usenet
ProteusCan select which engines to search on & has power search & can limit by date, domain/country, boolean expressions, exclusions
SavvySearchGood for key-words searching in many areas including guides, shareware, Usenet, news articles, and more
Search SpanialCan also search by topic
W3 Search EnginesAlso good for gopher searching, finding people, news

IV. Directories (General)

Directories are useful for searching on a general subject, rather than keywords or a search string. These directories are compiled; that it, humans make these lists, rather than the spider/robot finding them automatically.
The Argus ClearinghouseTopical + search by keyword, title, author
GalaxyCan also search gopher and telnet resources
G.O.D. (Global Online Directory)Directory that can limit by continent, region
infoplease.comEncyclopediae of information on many topics + search + homework help for kids
info space.comAlso has search, yellow pages, white pages
LookSmartHuman-compiled directory.
McKinley Group's MagellanSearching web sites & gives descriptions & gives the best sites + can search yellow pages & white pages & email addresses
DMOZ Open Directory ProjectHuman-compiled.
===Point Communications...
Starting PointCan also search for people & yellow pages
===The Whole Internet Catalog...
YahooSearch by subject & catalog; overview of topic; good for browsing
The Yellow PageCan search or browse by category

V. Geographic Region Searches/Directories (English only)

These are search engines that are specific to a geographical region, but can often search the entire world. Those listed have English front-ends, that is, the screens will be in the English language.


webtaxiChoose any region you want to search, and it will access those regional search engines


FanagaloCan search for news by last x days
Orientation AfricaCan search by countries in Africa
WoYaaCan search by category
ZebraSearch of several countries in Africa


(Canada) AltaVista CanadaSearch web or Usenet
(Canada) Canada.comSearch web or search by news (Canada or International)
(Canada) info space.comHas business & people finder
(Canada) Yahoo CanadaMainly directory
AltaVista Latin AmericaSearch by country (mostly Spanish-speaking countries)
Orientation Latin AmericaSearchable directory


AltaVista AsiaSearch Web or Usenet, or view by topic
Orientation AsiaCan search by country
(India) JadooSearch, look at news sources, or view by topic
(Japan) RCAAU-Discovery System for WWW ResourcesCan specify "not" conditions
(Japan) Titan-Total Information Traverse AgentCan limit by domain or country
(Malaysia) CariSearch or view by categories
(Singapore) TechnoFindCan search (advanced search has a few other options) or view by category
(Singapore) Yahoo in AsiaCan also search Asia; view by category
SAIR-South Asian Internet Resources (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh)Can search by these individual countries, or look at categories
(Sri Lanka) Orientation Sri LankaSearch by Sri Lanka


AltaVista Australia(AU)Can search directory, yellow pages, white pages
Anzwers(AU & NZ) Search engine or directory
AusIndexSearch engine & directory
Boomerang(AU) Search by category
Cowleys(AU) Phone book for businesses & tourist accommodations
Excite Australia(AU & NZ) Search AU or NZ, or view by category
LookSmart AustraliaDirectory
MatildaSearch by continent, category, other countries
WebWombat(AU & NZ) Local & World Resources
Yahoo Australia & New Zealand(AU & NZ) Also has directory


EuroFerretCan choose by country
EuroSeekChoose country in Europe or continent; special domains
Orientation Eastern EuropeAlso find weather reports
SpacesearchUser chooses language & each search engine to use
(Belgium) Belgacom AltaVista Search BelgiumCan also search Belgium world
(Belgium) WebWatchSearch & directory by topic and region; usenet for Belgium
(Greece) The Greek Explorer And IndexerIndexer search sites with Greek content, Explorer searches Greek sites, or can search entire web
(Greece) Webindex Internet Search - GreeceSearch or view by category
(Malta) Search MaltaSearch & directory
(Switzerland & Liechtenstein) The Blue Window SearchSearch Switzerland or world
(Switzerland & Liechtenstein) Swiss SearchCan search by region in Switzerland
(United Kingdom) Excite UKSearch by UK, Europe, World
(United Kingdom) Infoseek United KingdomSearch by UK, all, country
(United Kingdom) Lycos UKSearch & directory
(United Kingdom) SearchUKCan limit by com/edu/gov/org
(United Kingdom) UK IndexQuick Search or go to "search page" for more advanced search
(United Kingdom) UK PlusHas reviews of sites
(United Kingdom) Yahoo UK & IrelandSearch UK, Ireland, or all sites; view by category


ArabistCan check news
Middle East Internet PagesCan search by category
Orientation Middle EastCan search by country or all of Middle East
(Israel) MavenCan search, but mostly directory
(Israel) SivuvChoose the English version & then search any of several large search-engines

VI. Finding Phone, Zip Codes, Web Pages, Info, Profiles, etc. for Businesses/Individuals (U.S.)

These are useful when trying to find simple address, phone, web page address, and other information on businesses & individuals. They are also useful for reverse searches, such as if you have the phone number but want to find the individual or address associated with it.
Ahoysearching for personal home pages/email addresses
AmnesiAllows you to find a URL (web page) when you only remember a fragment of it
AnyWho DirectoriesPeople & business & toll-free phone/address & reverse directory
BigfootSearch for people, yellow pages; web search
BigYellowU.S. yellow pages by state/city & topic
Checkdomain.comCan check to see if a domain name for URLs is already taken
EDGAR DatabaseFind company-filed forms through the SEC of the U.S. Area Code LookupAsk an area code, get a city, and the opposite
Hoover's Online, The ultimate source for company informationCompany profiles, quotes, key personnel
InfoSpaceWhite & yellow pages, maps, weather, entertainment, shopping, directories
the list: The Definitive ISP Buyer's GuideLists thousands of Internet service providers if you are looking for an email account, etc.
National Address ServerSearch for full address, zip+4 & barcode, street map
NetPartnersFind a company's web site
Network SolutionsCan check to see if a domain name for URLs is already taken
SwitchboardSearch for person & business & email, can limit by profession
Student.ComFind student home pages
U.S. Postal ServiceZip+4 look-up, city-state/zip code associations
web sitezAllows you to find a specific web site if you only know part of it; can view by directory
WhoWhereFind email, phone, or view by topic
World Phone DirectoriesOrganized by country
Yahoo! People SearchSearch for phone & email address

VII. Newspapers/Magazines/Journals/General News

These are links to general and specific newspapers, magazines, and journals from around the world, both national ones and regional ones. Note that some require you to register before using them. In addition, if you are looking for news-related articles, this category is the place to find it.
All The World's NewspapersOnline newspapers from all around the world
American City Business JournalsWeekly business journals of U.S. cities
American Journalism Review (AJR) News LinkMany newspapers, magazines, journals, radio/tv
E-Zine ListList of electronic magazines
eZinesSearch by magazine or e-zine or view by category
NewsBotSearch by category & date range
NewsHubCan search or view news by category & post recent
News IndexSearch
NewsTrackerSearch or view news by category
NewsTrawlerSearch by country, newspaper, magazine, journal, web-based, or across all these; view by category
Online MagazinesOrganized by topic
TotalNewsSearch or view by catagory and/or source (NPR, CNN, USA today, etc.)

VIII. Usenet/Discussion Groups/Lists (see also: II. Search Engines)

These newsgroups are good when looking for discussions of certain topics, when looking for like-minded people with similar interests, or when needing sources for information.
Deja NewsSearching Usenet newsgroups (good for finding advice/opinions)
LisztFinding a discussion group on a topic (good for finding advice/opinions)
Reference.COMSearches Usenet groups (good for finding advice/opinions)
SupernewsCan also view by specific newsgroup
Internet Scout New ListMailing list of new lists or changes to old lists, searchable
eGroups.comSearch for mailing lists/groups of interest by category
List of ListsSearch/browse listservs
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (PAML)Search for or use directory to find mailing lists
BomisSearch for list or use directory
WebRingSearch for topic or use directory
Forum OneSearch discussion forums & by category

IX. Quotations & Lyrics

These sites let you search for literary quotations or simply lyrics from a rock song.
BartlettSearch for quotations (mostly literary), or browse by author or work
International Lyrics ServerSearch for song lyrics
Internet Movie DatabaseGet quotes & info on movies & TV shows
Quotation BooksLinks to quotation lists & stuff
QuotationsMiscellaneous Stuff
Quoteland.comSearch or browse for quotations
The Quotations PageSearch for quotations

X. Specifically For Children and Their Teachers

These sites may simply just screen out sites which some adults think children should not view, or may also be helpful when doing education research, or research done by children for school.
Ask Jeeves For KidsCan ask question in sentence form, rather than just key words
Disney Internet Guide (DIG)Search or view by kid-related category (animals, games, comics, etc.) Kids' almanacHomework center + search + other information
Lycos SafetyNetSearch + can screen out "objectionable" sites with Search Guard
===Awesome LibrarySearch + view by subject + the site is organized into a directory for teachers, students, and parents
Smart ZoneSearch + categorized by subject & grade level; sites are teacher-reviewed
Education WorldSearchable
KidsClick!Search + can limit by grade level; view by category
StudyWEBSearch + view by category; has "Study Buddy" for different subjects & "Scholastic Resource Directory" for teachers, athletics, universities, fundraising, and more
SuperKidsSearch or view by category + links to schools & other topics
Super SnooperSearchable
Kids Search ToolsDatabase of other sites (some in this listing)
Yahooligans!Good for sites for kids

XI. Small Busines Resources

U.S. Small Business Administration
Businessweek for small business news
TCNJ Small Business Development Center
Promotional products from Myron helping companies make a name for themselves in the industry
---Personalized Pens practical, cost-efficient, & effective in helping companies brand their business
---Promotional USB people are continually looking for ways to store digital information

XII. Miscellaneous & Specifics

Everything else under the sun (and more) could be in this category, provided I feel it is relevant enough.
MathSearchGood for research-related higher math & statistics
Surcharge Free ATM LocationsFind free ATMs in New England & the rest of the U.S.

The Virtual Reference Desk
Internet Public Library

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