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ASYLUM GRANTED HERE (visitors welcome)
Click here for my "Kev's Life Update (Get a KLU)" autobiography.
Greetings! You have found my web page! I am the first TSC (now TCNJ) alumni to have a home page!

After graduating Jackson Memorial High School (Jackson, NJ) where I was heavily involved in marching band, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in at The College of New Jersey in psychology, with a minor in music. I started a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology at Northern Illinois University in De Kalb, near Chicago and earned my M.A., but now am on the IT team at Philabundance You may also view my old CV - Curriculum Vitae (Resume) of Kevin E. Gruenfeld (the formatting of html may make it look a little different than normal). I currently live in the center of the historic city of Philadelphia.
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I will be happy to answer questions about the activities below.

Blue Ribbon Free Speech Online

"That's the sort of thing I want you to understand. To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That's what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul-- would you understand why that's much harder." (Alissa Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand))

"Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise." (Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll))

"... don't criticize what you can't understand." (Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan))

"... but it's all wrong. That is, I think, I disagree." (The Beatles)

My interests, WITH LINKS, include the following:
---MUSIC such as performing (piano & trumpet, as well as harmonica & guitar) and a little composing
---COMPUTER RELATED INFORMATION such as Internet searches, free software, virus protection & hoaxes, and chain letters
---RUNNING, CYCLING, and other fitness activities like in-line skating, weight-lifting, soccer, and volleyball
---Reading, exploring my city of Philadelphia, watching old classic movies, photography, cooking, swing dancing, etc.

Psychological Societies on the Internet (including APA and APS)
Mental Health Page (look up "Page One at Psych Central") SocialService.Com provides free job searching, resume posting, and email notifications of job positions in the social work/social science field.

My research: (1) Identity Formation & the role of Personally Expressive Activities; (2) Attitude Change & Peripheral Routes of Persuasion; (3) History of Psychology - an Early Psychology Laboratory founded 1892; (4) Peace Organizations: Amnesty International; (5) HIV/AIDS; (6) Panic Disorder; (7) Human Sexuality & Sexual Response; (8) Synesthesia & Chromesthesia

Ocean / Monmouth County (NJ) Beaches (DON'T call it the shore)

The Encyclopedia of AIDS (I am a contributor with three articles)
Human Rights Web
Anti-Defamation League
Southern Poverty Law Center

Goings-on in PHILADELPHIA:

  • My own running page is here, or go running with Philly Runners (this is the club I founded and run) or cycling with the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia or in-line skating with the Landskaters or rowing at Boathouse Row of the Schuylkill Navy or see the list I helped compile of Fairmount Park group activities... OR take a look at the Schuylkill Mile Time Trial race!
  • Take in a bit of culture at The Waitstaff comedy troupe, the all-encompassing Philly Fun Guide, plus WHYY's arts & culture calendar and Visit Philly's musems & attractions
  • Keep the neighborhood safe & join me on Logan Square Town Watch or see the 9th Police District page
  • Donate blood at the Philadelphia-area chapter of the American Red Cross

    Exhaustive Index to finding ANYTHING on the Web
    • Internet Virus Hoaxes, Chain Letters, and Virus Info: (1) "The Objective Authority in Computer Network Security", (2) Computer Virus Myths, (3) Don't Spread that Hoax!, (4) Urban Legends Reference Pages, (5),

  • I welcome anything you want to send to me (and I WILL respond).
    Send email to: me!
    Please let me know if any of the links or info are out of date!

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